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Located at Qilihe Industrial Park of liaoning city, Liaoning province, liaoning Qiaopai Biotech Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013,covering 33,000 square meters in total.
Basing on its patented equipment with independent intellectual property right, self-developed, self-designed and manufactured, Qiaopai company specialize on hemp serial products exportation.
The main products are fine-selected whole hemp seed, hulled hemp seed, hemp hearts oil, hemp flour, hemp protein powder and hemp extracts etc. and right now Qiaopai is becoming the global ingredients supplier of its serial hemp products.
The modernized workshops, built with the international foodstuff processing standard, owning independent intellectual property, is equipped with hemp seed pre-cleaning, dehulling, separating and fine selection production line, meanwhile we configured with high accuracy color sorter, X-Ray sorting machine, advanced pasteurization machine and the air purification workshop with class 100,000 clean-rooms to ensure the cleanliness level of the products. Independent built physical&chemical laboratory and microbiological laboratory respectively ensures every batch of products tested accordingly through out its whole process. Low-temperature warehousing with constant temperature and humidity ensures the consistent quality of the raw materials.
Qiaopai company gained the international food certificates including HACCP, BRC, IFS, ECOCERT, Kosher and HALAL etc. successively, with its products safety always stand the test of higher-end markets both EU and US.
A pure heart you always can see, we will always stick to premium quality product despite numerous steps processing operations.
The premium quality product we always work for, we will always strike for excellence despite how difficult they are to be no impurities at all.

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