Located at Qilihe Industrial Park of Jinzhou city, Jinzhou Qiaopai Biotech Co.,Ltd., was founded in 2013, covering 33000 square meters in total.
Qiaopai Biotech dedicates itself to China organic hemp serial products with its own patented equipment with independent intellectual property rights. The products mainly consist of hulled hemp seed, cold-pressed hemp oil, hemp flour, hemp protein and purified hemp products etc.
Qiaopai Biotech owns well equipped workshops and temperature-controlled warehouse, processing line of hemp seed pre-cleaning, grading, dehulling and separating are all patented products which are self designed & manufactured by Qiaopai company, together configured with international advanced color sorter, X-ray inspection machine, magnetic separator, cold-pressed oil pressing machine, ultra-micro grinder etc. 
Qiaopai Biotech, strictly follows basic elements of food safety, outlined the rational layout on production environment and processing equipments, certified with HACCP, ECOCERT, Kosher, Halal, BRC and IFS etc.
Qiaopai hemp products have been well proven by premium end markets both EU and US markets.
A pure heart you always can see, we will always stick to product premium quality despite numerous steps processing operations.
The premium quality product we always work for, we will always strike for excellence despite how difficult they are to be no impurities at all.



 Hemp, also called Cannabis sativa, China-hemp, and also defined as Cannabis by the scholars, originated from China and India, it’s a tough and cold-resistant annual herb plants. Hemp can be used in medicine research and food production.
Its fruit is usually called “hemp seed” in Chinese medicine”.
Its functions and indications is to relieve constipation due to dry feces, it will benefit you on nourishing, dredging or cleansing the blood vessels, best functions on detumescence, and easy digestion if you take it regularly with long period of time.
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