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Ι Organic Hemp Oil
Organic Hemp Oil

Hemp oil

Hemp oil is with highest level in unsaturated fatty acid compared with other common edible oil. Meanwhile it contains mass content of anti-aging vitamins and trace elements including vitamin E, selenium, zinc, manganese etc., of which the content of alpha-linolenic acid is in very high level, Hulled hemp seed oil is also called Longevity Oil, in this case,we can also call it vegetable DHA.

Qiaopai hemp oil, using the premium quality of export-grade hulled hemp seed as its raw material for oil pressing, that we finally achieved the truly pure pristine oil through the following process:

low-temperature storage, low-temperature pressing, and low-temperature physical refining. Our hemp oil has exported to EU countries like Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Our hemp oil is tested by well recognized worldwide testing institution: SGS Canada Inc., the tested nutritional values for our hemp oil surpass the values of similar products on the international market.

Raw materials is from hulled hemp seed after pre-cleaning,dehulling and separating 

Low-temperature physical pressing
Physical filtration only
No chemicals added
Low-temperature storage
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