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Ι Organic Hulled Hemp Seed
Organic Hulled Hemp Seed
 Hulled Hemp Seed
Hemp, as one of the three superfoods, is the new star in the international health food market recently.
Nutrition study in recent years found that hulled hemp seed is an exceptionally rich source of essential trace elements for human body which contains rich protein, linolenic acid Unsaturated Fatty Acids (UFA), linoleic acid Unsaturated Fatty Acids (UFA), lecithin, vitamin, calcium and iron etc.


   Based on Qiaopai’s 20 years technology accumulation in its field, processed with patented equipment under the proper production process flow with independent intellectual property right, Qiaopai hemp seeds follows more than 10 steps of processing operations mainly focusing pre-cleaned, dehulled, separated and fine selected etc., Qiaopai adopts the most advanced equipments worldwide on seeds color sorting, micro-waving disinfection, X-Ray inspection etc., and the complete set of production process and technical equipments 
had already applied for national invention patents and a number  of utility model patents.When making comparison of the finished products from the same trade both domestic and overseas like Canada, United States and European countries, Qiaopai premium hulled hemp seeds is well recognized in this field. 

Qiaopai hulled hemp seed regards both Northeast and Northwest as its growing area, both of them have gained the severe certification both on certificate of origin and processor. Right from the raw materials, the input raw materials will be well stored in the low temperature-controlled warehouse,(15℃ max.) in order to keep the the stable premium quality of the raw materials all the time.
Right from the factory fabrication and its daily management strictly follows the HACCP regulations, raw material samples from growing area are directly delivered to SGS Canada Inc., where the THC will be rigorously tested in the laboratory in Vancouver, furthermore, each individual batch has to be strictly tested in our own physical and chemical inspection center, therefore, we can say right from the very beginning, Qiaopai hulled hemp seed stands right on the most high-end arena due to its top quality.
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